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Privacy Policy and Contact Information

This site is not a commercial venture. It is a personal project intended to help reduce how much stuff lands in landfills. It is not to monetize user data. But we do strive for transparency.

Privacy Policy

What we collect

The only information we save about you is the email that you voluntarily supply to log in.

Data protection

Security is never perfect. We take basic precautions to keep the database safe, but please use common sense. Do not use an email address here if it is in any way sensitive. Do not post pictures or contact information that you aren't comfortable publically posting.

Data sharing

We won't share your data. Unless you post something horribly illegal and law enforcement asks for your email. Then we'll share your email. So don't post anything horribly illegal and the whole issue will be avoided.

How we use your information

Your email is used as authentification when you create, edit or delete a listing. We do this to make sure other people don't mess with your listing.

Deleting your information

Deleting your listing will also delete our record of your email address. You can delete your records at any time. Just login and click the big red 'delete' button.


We use a session cookie when you log in. There are no tracking cookies.


We don't do it.

Future changes

Future changes to the privacy policy will be noted on the home page and given in greater detail on this page.